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About Oxonia

Since our founding in 2013, we have specialized in professional and customizable English and Chinese language services to suit individual or organizational schedules, objectives and requirements in support of your projects, products, publications, and events.

​​Whether you are an international company or organization looking to develop in the Chinese markets, or are locally based in these markets with a vision to reach out to a global English-speaking audience, we provide you with quality language solutions.

Our team of globally educated, multi-lingual talents come from Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Chengdu.  We are ready to help you harness language for a difference!

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Master of Ceremonies

We provide masters of ceremonies to host and compère public or private functions such as:


  • Social events (e.g. ball, reception, dinner)

  • Corporate events (e.g. press conference, dinner) 

  • Ceremonies and wedding banquets

  • Seminars, conferences and forums

  • Gala shows and performances


We can conduct simultaneous or consecutive interpreting for your events, either on site or over the phone:


  • Corporate events

  • Ceremonies

  • Seminars, conferences and forums

  • Shows and performances

  • Research projects


In collaboration with our studio partner and professional acousticians, we provide voice-over and voice acting for various types of video programme and audio broadcast.  Do you, for example, have a TV commercial or an audio book that needs a voice?  Let us know!



We convert texts accurately between English and Chinese (Traditional or Simplified) to help you connect with and impress your target audiences from either or both of these language backgrounds.


Need to turn a preliminary draft into a polished and presentable one?  We can help revise and improve the grammar, format and structure of your text to bring the best out of your original ideas and points.


Let us develop the right copies (from advertisement, newsletter, press release, website content, speech, to other kinds of publication) that help you effectively achieve your desired communication results.

Editing & Proofreading


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